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The World Stops

Reads right to left ----------------------------- Liz is the only time keeper known in the whole universe. It’s up to Liz and her friends to stop worlds to keep balance between dreams, reality, and time. Or is there another force forcing them to stop different worlds to gain time? This series crosses with every manga I have ever made or thought to make. Don’t be surprised if you see some characters you don’t know. ------------------------------------------ Magical girl manga with out that much pretty girl outfits…..At least yet. D:


New page comming the 15th!

Sorry. the scanner thing is taking long then I thought to fix. >___> *throws scanners out the window* I shall have new pages on the 15th so help me. >____< Until then, please sit tight and thank you very much for waiting!

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ November 2nd, 2011, 10:25 pm  -  0 comments


- Hey everyone! Vol. 2 is half way finished and you know what that means?........either do I! But I'm having contest! It's going to be much simpler then last year for sure! Here's the info.


Draw fanart of anyone of my characters or your manga type characters with super awesome *The World Stops* like powers. (In other wards you can draw your character with a staff of some kind using any kind of power you like.)

2. It can be colored, toned, inked, ANYTHING! (If you chose color it will not be printed in color. Just letting you know.)

The contest starts NOW to the first of June, you got that? From 3/28/11 to 6/1/11!

You may enter more then once, but you can only have one of your pictures printed in the manga. Please make sure you tell me which picture you would like to go into print when you enter or I'll just pick which ever one is my favorite. xD;

Have fun! <3

6. As far as trying to please me....All I would to see is everyone's take of my characters. <3 Whatever you see fit really! I'll be looking forward to your fanart everyone!

7. Send your fanart to before the deadline, please!


First prize: A first edition key chain set of the characters in *The World Stops* And a color drawing from me of almost anything you would like. (Why yes, I will send you them though the mail! )

Second Prize: A drawing Digital colored by be in high res of anything you would like. (I'll only send it though Email sorry! D: )

Thrice-d prize: A inked and toned drawing from me of anything you would like.

Everyone prize: Everyone will have their fanarts in the vol.2! EVERYONE! Or, at least I will try! If it's anything, like, more then 50 contestants That's the limit. So enter now when you have a chance! 8D;;; Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I will give you all credit! So be sure to have you name or pen name so I can thank you and give you credit!

That's it! If anyone has questions, please post them here and I'll answer them though a PM here and in a comment here on this contest page. Everyone take good care! I'll try and update this week!>,<b

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ March 29th, 2011, 1:19 am  -  0 comments

LOL Guess what happended

I spoke too soon.... The net is down at my house.... Don't know will it will be back up... How fail is this? x_x BRB soon....ish....

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ February 2nd, 2011, 5:33 pm  -  0 comments

A update on what's going on

*Copied and pasted from my blog*

So it you didn't get my post yesterday The Washing Pig is kind of dead right now. I'm so thankful the info in it s all savable! ;-; I was just thinking the other night that I should really save the important files since the Washing Pig is old now. LOL Low and behold this happens.... gEH! So figures. >_<; So after being a cry baby for most of the afternoon I got kind of a clear enough head to see what was really wrong with it. Turns out it's not just my HP that is doing this Black screen of death. Hp did something stupid and made it super easy for the laptop to over heat. How The Washing Pig lasted this long is beyond me. But it is fixable.....I just need money to fix it. u_u My sister said she'll pay for it to get fixed as an x-mass gift..... Geh...... If life was a game I think I might have lost it. >3<

Also internet is working.... It was paid on time... though I still feel on edge with the way we pay it. u,u

In other words.... I will be updating some time next month. I just drew out 10 pages yesterday and I'm sure I'll draw another 10 pages today... So that means a big update is going to come your way. Thanks for sticking with the story. ^_^

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ November 26th, 2010, 12:01 pm  -  2 comments

As if things couldn't be bleaker

My laptop is not booting up... so it's not working at all...... The internet at my house is about to be turned off.... u_u So..... in short. Updates are going to be at a stand still until uh.... I get a "real" job. -___- ....Ghe! I miss you all already! ;-; *hugs everyone*

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ November 24th, 2010, 5:50 pm  -  0 comments

Now for sale on Etsy!

IT'S ON ESTY NOW!!!! @____@ How stellar crazy!


posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ October 10th, 2010, 11:10 pm  -  1 comments

*Info* For those who can't wait. xD

Sorry for the late update this week, I'll get the page up on Monday evening at the latest. xD; *is cleaning the page now*

Now for those who want the entertainment of new pages right now, I have a really short one-shot on my art blog about how everyone's powers work. ^-^ I'll be getting those pages up on SJ after I'm done with chapter 10. >3<
Here's the link to my blog to see it. should be the first post there. ^_^

Alright, I think that's it. Geh, I been so slow with drawing lately. >_< chapter 11 has some action in it so ...uh...look forward to it.

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ September 18th, 2010, 10:45 pm  -  0 comments

Late update comming soon~

Sorry about not updating. I have been busy being lazy and getting things ready for the next "big" issue of Dream. Be fore to read it next month. I'll have 2 one shots in it.....Maybe 3 if I can talk Ki into it. ^^; But Slowly and surely I'll try my best to get an update by Monday. >_<; I'm sorry for being lame like this. ;-; I promise not to be lazy again.

Oh! one of the one-shots I'm doing for Dream is related to *The World Star*. It's based off a character I was going to put in chapter 2 but I needed to cut him out do to some things. ^^; But he's indeed a side character that will play big parts in Liz's "love life" LOL not really. XD; I'll have the full one shot on my blog Sept 16 since that's the 11th anniversary This manga. C: It has been a magical but hard year for this manga. I'm crazy happy it's on my shelf. *_* Ah! That reminds me.

I haven't figured out how to go about selling my manga and other left over stuff from AX. @_@;;; And I'm willing to take commissions now. If you a willing to pay with a money order that is PM me if you are interested. xD;; Ok, I think I'm done. >_<; See you on Monday.

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ August 20th, 2010, 9:33 pm  -  0 comments

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