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Mashmellow Muffin, October 23rd, 2010, 4:27 am ( Reply )

End Chapter 10
OMG~~~ CHARACTERS THAT I NEVER SHOWN ONLINE BEFORE! 8DDDD They don't look too happy. @_@;; FINALLY! Done with chapter 10! Took forever and a day, did it not? @_@;; Here's some news~~ Sol's not my editor anymore~~ There will be a SHORT(6pages?)filler manga explaing most of everyone's powers. ~~~ And lastly thing my go a little slower if they haven't already. ^^; I'm still looking for a job you know and 1Wish Roses dose need to start up again. @_@b But I'll try and stick to these once a week updates on weekends. I think they are fancy~~~ though if I get to hyper I'll just upload a page I was done with at that time. xD;;

@ Anime ~> Page10: Yup world of b-days.Hmm? What heal? o,o Page11: Don't you just hate it when that happens? 8D

@ ChristianAnimeGirl ~> Glade you are liking it so far! >w< Vol 2 will have a lot more action and answers in it. d(>wO)

@ Reus ~> Not quite. 8DDDD

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Anime610, October 23rd, 2010, 4:46 am ( Reply )

Page 10: Heal the world of bday XD
Page 11: Not at all. In fact, I find it cute XD

Ooo~ New charas *w*

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