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- Hey everyone! Vol. 2 is half way finished and you know what that means?........either do I! But I'm having contest! It's going to be much simpler then last year for sure! Here's the info.


Draw fanart of anyone of my characters or your manga type characters with super awesome *The World Stops* like powers. (In other wards you can draw your character with a staff of some kind using any kind of power you like.)

2. It can be colored, toned, inked, ANYTHING! (If you chose color it will not be printed in color. Just letting you know.)

The contest starts NOW to the first of June, you got that? From 3/28/11 to 6/1/11!

You may enter more then once, but you can only have one of your pictures printed in the manga. Please make sure you tell me which picture you would like to go into print when you enter or I'll just pick which ever one is my favorite. xD;

Have fun! <3

6. As far as trying to please me....All I would to see is everyone's take of my characters. <3 Whatever you see fit really! I'll be looking forward to your fanart everyone!

7. Send your fanart to Alreadyish@Gmail.com before the deadline, please!


First prize: A first edition key chain set of the characters in *The World Stops* And a color drawing from me of almost anything you would like. (Why yes, I will send you them though the mail! )

Second Prize: A drawing Digital colored by be in high res of anything you would like. (I'll only send it though Email sorry! D: )

Thrice-d prize: A inked and toned drawing from me of anything you would like.

Everyone prize: Everyone will have their fanarts in the vol.2! EVERYONE! Or, at least I will try! If it's anything, like, more then 50 contestants That's the limit. So enter now when you have a chance! 8D;;; Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I will give you all credit! So be sure to have you name or pen name so I can thank you and give you credit!

That's it! If anyone has questions, please post them here and I'll answer them though a PM here and in a comment here on this contest page. Everyone take good care! I'll try and update this week!>,<b

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ March 29th, 2011, 1:19 am  -  0 Comments

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