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Late update comming soon~

Sorry about not updating. I have been busy being lazy and getting things ready for the next "big" issue of Dream. Be fore to read it next month. I'll have 2 one shots in it.....Maybe 3 if I can talk Ki into it. ^^; But Slowly and surely I'll try my best to get an update by Monday. >_<; I'm sorry for being lame like this. ;-; I promise not to be lazy again.

Oh! one of the one-shots I'm doing for Dream is related to *The World Star*. It's based off a character I was going to put in chapter 2 but I needed to cut him out do to some things. ^^; But he's indeed a side character that will play big parts in Liz's "love life" LOL not really. XD; I'll have the full one shot on my blog Sept 16 since that's the 11th anniversary This manga. C: It has been a magical but hard year for this manga. I'm crazy happy it's on my shelf. *_* Ah! That reminds me.

I haven't figured out how to go about selling my manga and other left over stuff from AX. @_@;;; And I'm willing to take commissions now. If you a willing to pay with a money order that is PM me if you are interested. xD;; Ok, I think I'm done. >_<; See you on Monday.

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